Fish Jhol


Prep time: 20 min Cook time: 20 min Serves: 4

This deliciously tangy and flavourful light fish dish is a true Bengali classic! See how to make it in the video with Shelly’s Classic Bengali Fish Jhol Mixed Masala and enjoy an authentic Bengali experience!

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  • Fish (Rohu or Katla) 500g
  • Mustard Oil 2 tsp
  • Shelly's Fish Jhol masala 4 tsp
  • Water 1 cup
  • Green Chillies 2 whole
  • Assorted Vegetables
  • Salt
  • Per 100g
  • Energy value 365.3kcal
  • Protein 16.48g
  • Fat 17.55g
  • Carbohydrates 35.36g
  • Sodium 743.82mg



Cut the fish into steak pieces and lightly fry in a pan.


Gently lift the fish out of the oil and set aside.


Dice the assorted vegetables, fry them lightly in a pan and set aside (optional).


Add 4 tsps Shelly’s Fish Jhol Masala in 1 cup of water. Add a little salt.


Heat 4 tsps oil, pour in the mixture into the oil and let it simmer.


Add the assorted vegetables to enrich the taste.


Add the fried fish into the pan along with the green chillies. Cook until done.


Serve hot with Shelly’s Gobindobhog rice.

You'll need...

Shelly’s Classic Bengali Fish Jhol

Shelly’s Classic Bengali Fish Jhol

Mixed Masalas

Fish Jhol is a traditional Bengali spicy fish stew and a Bengali food favourite. With Shelly’s Classic Bengali Fish Johl Mixed Masala, you can experience the rich and authentic flavours of this classic dish in your own home.

Available in 10g & 100g (10g*10)

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